Speak to a live rep

Notable Tips

It is difficult to find someone you trust who is an expert on auto insurance, or any type of insurance for that matter, and finding an agent that will serve your needs properly is integral to being with a company. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while interacting with agents from an insurance company.


It is normally best to contact an agent who is associated with more than one auto insurance company, as it opens up more possibilities to you. However, steer clear of agents who try to refer you to a company with low customer ratings and do not provide a reason for doing so.

Communication is Key

Your insurance agent should be available in the way you need them. Whether by phone or e-mail, their response should be timely. For the most part, yours and your agent’s preferences should be very alike.

Go with Your Gut

If, when you call your agent, you are not made to feel reassured, then it is probably better to go with someone else. Whether within the company or with another is entirely up to you, but you should ensure that you are comfortable with your agent and satisfied with service.