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Checklist for First-Time Buyers

If this is the first time you are buying a house, there are many overwhelming tasks that may be confusing; from contracts to closing costs to loans and inspections. A great way to prevent anything from surprising you and to lessen potential stress is to prepare for what is imminent.

Below is a checklist for when you choose your homeowner’s insurance that will help you to get the best policy for you at the best price.

Purchase Homeowner’s Insurance Prior to Closing

The mortgage company that you borrow from will need to know that you have your policy before your new home’s closing, so buy online at any time if you don’t already have it.

Request Time-saving Quotes

By receiving your quotes online and completing other processes of home insurance online, you save time and even money. It is a good alternative to traveling to different companies, possibly on different days and having to remember which offered insurance at what price.

Ask About Multi-Policy Discount

If you already have any other life insurance policy with a company, look into homeowner’s insurance with that company and see if it will fit your needs, as you can receive a substantial discount for applying for both insurances.

What Type?

If you are not buying a house, but a townhouse or condo, what is covered on your policy actually changes. If there are any damages to the actual property, you will be covered, but your personal property will not be. Work with an insurance agent to ensure that your things are covered and to get liability insurance.

Your Living Area

Depending on where you live, your homeowner’s insurance may increase because it may be a hazardous area known for its hurricanes or floods. Make sure to ask about these separate insurances for your home if this is the case.