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What Homeowner's Insurance Covers

Homeowner’s insurance often covers your entire house as well as any other structure on your property, such as a shed or greenhouse. Personal belongings inside those structures are also covered; such as furniture or clothes. Expenses for living outside of your home in the event of an insured natural disaster is also covered, and, if your home was destroyed, you will be given the funds to repair or rebuild it.

Your insurance will also pay for injury claims to a third party which you or a family member is liable. It is not just for injuries that occurred while in your home, but worldwide, so this policy is highly valuable.

Look into the types of losses that your insurance policy covers; some natural disasters may not be as you would have to buy separate insurance for them, such as flood insurance.

Being underinsured in the event of damages caused by a natural disaster can have severe consequences, so check with your provider frequently to ensure that you are up to date on your insurance limits. Also, additions to your home may not be covered, so contact your insurance company prior to making a significant change to your home.